Ultimate UFD2 Decrypter is an extremely fast, multi-threaded UFD2 hash cracker. Ultimate UFD2 Decrypter cracks UFD2 hashes by generating millions of strings per second and comparing the generated string’s UFD2 hash with the hash you wish to break.

When the correct combination has been generated, a match is found and the data is recovered.

Multi-CPU support (new!) – ability to take advantage of all of the CPU’s/CPU cores on your system for exponential speed that increases

Custom character sets (new!) – you tell about Ultimate UFD2 Decrypter exactly what characters you’d like to use when generating strings, for maximum speed

Minimum/maximum string length customization (new!) – have Ultimate UFD2 Decrypter skip to a certain length of string to save time, and tell it when to stop

Designed with speed in mind – it’s core is written in highly optimized assembly language. On a typical four-year-old CPU Ultimate UFD2 Decrypter is capable of generating and comparing over 5 million hashes per second.

Supported systems: Windows All